Reblog: Pagans and Plants

If Your God Exists, He Loves Atheists More Than You

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“Everything happens for a reason.”

“It’s all in God’s plan.”

“Jesus take the wheel.”

The ancient Greeks had a concept called hubris. When a human got too full of herself, such as Icarus inventing mechanical wings and flying too near the sun or Arachne, spinning gorgeous fabrics and not crediting Athena, her admittedly-jealous God struck her down, sending the proudling’s human progeny down in a chrysalis of flame or turning the boastful weaver into a spider.

In Which I Complain About the Lack of Vegan Options At Restaurants

Reblog: Sacred Vision

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Reblogging my most recent article at the Pagan Activist blog, Sacred Vision in which I try to reconcile my belief in secular ethics with a spiritual approach to life.

I’ve been writing for Pagan Activist for almost two years, and in that time I’ve barely mentioned Paganism, other than to say that my awe at the cycles of life and death has informed the way I look at Gaia, Demeter, Persephone, and Artemis.

Being Vegan is Expensive: How Dare You?

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The myth of the plant-based diet aspect of veganism as expensive is rubber-check, three dollar bill false, put forth by mendacious, First World “experts” who have recently converted to the Whole30 diet and silly fads like it. Any vegan, who by definition chooses not to eat or use animals for the sake of the animals, should be downright insulted by the mere insinuation being vegan is expensive.

Reblog: Why We Care About Cecil

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Reblogging my most recent article at the Pagan Activist blog, Why We Care About Cecil in which I try to unpack the nation’s reactions to the news about the lion Cecil and my reactions to their reactions.

Why I Am Encouraged: A Picture-Free Post About the Dentist Who Killed The Lion

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Why I Am Encouraged: A Picture-Free Post About the Dentist Who Killed The Lion

Recently a dentist named Walter Palmer made headlines by assassinating a lion named Cecil. Palmer did it so he could stuff Cecil's head and mount it on his wall, orphaning Cecil's pride in Zimbabwe and destroying some of the last lions on the face of Earth. It is my estimation that all of the big cats will be extinct by the time the youngest people reading this bear grandchildren.

Reblog: 400 Million Lives Saved

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I’m writing to share a huge success story. A larger success than I ever imagined. Last year, 400 million fewer animals were killed in the U.S. than in 2007. That’s more lives saved in America than there are American citizens.

As a vegan I would love to take credit. But it’s not just vegans and vegetarians; in fact it’s not even mostly us. Most of those lives were spared by people who are simply eating less meat. It’s a known trend that as societies get wealthier they demand more animal products, but that trend is being reversed in the U.S.

The Trouble With Vegan Misanthropes

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I understand misanthropy. True confession -- I have a complete set of serial killer trading cards, collected at the ripe old age of nineteen. I made tasteless jokes about Team Ebola during the pandemic scare, albeit in my private Facebook groups. I often root for the monsters in slasher films.

There is no love lost between me and the human race. I get it. Still, I try to keep my misanthropy well in check because in brief, I am not a fool.

Reblog: Our Cousins the Chimpanzees and Bonobos

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Reblogging my article on the Pagan Activist blog. In it I briefly discuss chimpanzees, bonobos, the threats facing them, and a few ways we can help.


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