Happy Thanksliving To My Friends

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I am thankful in my life for people who make the best out of what they are given.

So many people fail to appreciate how lucky they are -- they're always complaining while chasing after their vision of a "perfect" life. People who cannot live in the present moment are toxic. Their ongoing tension over what they inwardly feel they are owed is too big of an elephant in the room to make interacting with them pleasant or worthwhile. Perhaps they're miserable because they don't have an heiress's fortune, a celebrity's good looks, their neighbor's apparent contentment. Their misery is a predicament, not a problem, and a predicament cannot be solved no matter who or what it sucks into its black hole. I have grown to understand these conflicted, jealous, insecure, dissonant people must be graciously (and sometimes not so graciously) dismissed from what remains of my very short existence on this planet.

Instead, I choose to pay attention to those who make the best out of what they have, for instance:

The friend with a chronic illness who tirelessly endeavors to improve her health via a whole foods, plant-based, cruelty-free diet.

The friend who can and will spend her last dollar on the animal/animals she cares for. I have a lot of these.

The friend with Aspergers who has learned to function in a world that is very frightening for those with Aspergers.

The friend who creates a huge festival of compassion every year on a micro-budget.

The friends who can handle and discuss dark thoughts and urges while neither acting on them nor judging others for having similar anxieties, fears, and fantasies of revenge.

The woman who escaped a nightmare of misogyny and abuse who speaks out so that others may also escape the nightmare.

The pair who could not have children and adopted me when I was a baby and brought me up as their own.

To all the people I spend my precious time with, online and off, thank you. You are what fuels my boundless energy. You are the supports I fall back on when I am feeling blue. You remind me what is important and what is not. You are my tribe. Much of this group is only made possible by a brief blip in history where an environmentally-expensive internet made it possible to connect with those of like minds across thousands of miles.

Happy Thanksliving to you, my friends, wherever you are.