If Your God Exists, He Loves Atheists More Than You

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“Everything happens for a reason.”

“It’s all in God’s plan.”

“Jesus take the wheel.”

The ancient Greeks had a concept called hubris. When a human got too full of herself, such as Icarus inventing mechanical wings and flying too near the sun or Arachne, spinning gorgeous fabrics and not crediting Athena, her admittedly-jealous God struck her down, sending the proudling’s human progeny down in a chrysalis of flame or turning the boastful weaver into a spider.

Humans in the modern era still cling to gods and goddesses. Like ancient Greeks, they desperately want to believe the world is fair and not random and chaotic. The impulse is understandable. Hubris under its nouveau name, “faith”, is not. Faith presumes any given human has all sorts of Godlike knowledge, including being cognizant of God’s plan for every being that has ever dwelled upon planet Earth. Even claiming to know of the existence of a god is the epitome of arrogance. A supreme being who has not literally manifested himself to you in person, saying, “Hi, I’m your god and this is my personal plan for you in spreadsheet/pie chart form,” is either not there or refuses to show himself to you. If he has shown himself to you in a physical sense, you are most likely profoundly mentally ill. You can’t win.

Assuming a book was written by a deity when it was obviously written by men is arrogant. Saying a tragedy, mishap, maiming, rape, or death happens for a reason is arrogant. How do you know? Did God tell you by whispering in your ear that a rape victim was Genghis Khan in a previous lifetime, and if so, do you realize you ought to be committed to an asylum? Why are you so defensive of the concept of karmic balance? Could it be…

Fear of death???

Ahh, ouch. Yes, sucks, doesn’t it? We all die, at least that can absolutely be known. There’s no mystery. All evidence points to the death-state being exactly like the pre-birth state, meaning a blank canvas of nothingness. Only those who fear and hate nature and natural processes would dread such a state. The faithful fear it the worst – their egos simply cannot handle the idea of going back into a state of non-existence. Yes, our physical elements may live on, and some of us may leave a tiny legacy among other humans for better or worse, but it’s certain we are dying. Our whole race and all the other species that existed with us, 99.9 percent of them, to be exact, are destined to disappear.

The Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or generic New Age religous soul is a pretty euphemism for the ego. This “soul” it what drives the modern urge to overpopulate the Earth via the faux immortality granted by biological children, like yeast in a barrel of fermenting potato water, until Gaia is a treeless, silent, garbage-strewn husk. This barren landscape will be brought to you by those who always claimed we had just a little more time to turn things around before things got really bad.

I don’t claim to know how a God feels or what a God would write like Christians and Muslims do. However, I speculate if God exists, He hates arrogant little egomaniacs who cannot take it upon themselves to be good people unless:

A. They are promised a magical fairyland by a sometimes benevolent sky daddy
B. Their enemies are burned in an inversely-awful fairyland of hot lava and torture dungeons
C. They are granted a rule book as if their entire lives were a video game and they just happened to be the only ones chosen to receive a manual because of the geographical location of where they were born

If I were God, I’d have no patience for such twits and I would create a hell just so they could burn in it while pining for the true death they so fervently sought to avoid. I would seek to reward those who didn’t take the liberty of pretending to know my omnipotent mind, those who were kind and good without being told to be kind and good, and who sought to know my fabulous, mysterious ways via scientific proof and doubt.