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Reblogging my article from the Pagan Activist blog. It comes from conversations Kimberly, mutual friends, and I have had. Sometimes people talk about morality as being about one's own spiritual journey, and I raise some objections to that.

Today I wanted to write about something I’ve seen a lot of lately. When you become a vegan – or a feminist, an environmentalist, an activist of any flavor – you start to notice things. You have interactions with people that you didn’t have before.

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Soul Food Layered Bowl

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Vegan food doesn't have to be complicated.

Tonight I threw something together based on a delicious meal I had at Native Foods Cafe. Marinated some vegan chicken strips for about 30 seconds in homemade barbecue sauce, then put it in the oven swimming in the sauce at 350. I would have used store bought barbecue if I had any on hand. It probably cooked for about 45 minutes but really, the chicken strips were pre-cooked so it was just heating it anyway.

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Dying Possum

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Today I woke up in the late afternoon. As a web designer, this is pretty normal. I happened to glance out the window to see a possum in the street. He* was moving around a little bit but didn't leave the street. I waited a little while and then looked out again and found him lying on his side.

False Love

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An acquaintance of mine feels a strong spiritual connection to bees. They are a sacred animal for her. She supports work to help curb their diminishing population, and I assume she calls upon them as spirit allies. It's very common in Pagan, shamanic, and other communities to call upon the guidance and protection of animal spirits. When we were discussing veganism, she told me that she could never become fully vegan because honey is very important to her due to her spiritual connection with bees.


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