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Mothers Day 2013

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I decided to wake my mom up to brunch. Two trips to the store later, I was busy making a tofu quiche using The Post Punk Kitchen's recipe. Since she's not huge on broccoli I substituted asparagus and a ton of fresh spinach. I had hoped to try out kala namak - Indian black salt - for the first time, but alas, no Indian groceries were open that early on a Sunday. Kala namak is a sulfurous salt that I've heard makes vegan dishes taste eggy. Instead I added asafoetida liberally.

Black Bean Burgers

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This is my aunt's recipe. Like all of her recipes, it's very customizable to suit your taste.

To start with, choose your beans. You may choose all black beans if you wish. I like a 50/50 mix of black beans and kidney beans.

Choose your veggies, also according to your taste. Shred or finely chop them. Once chopped the veggies should match the volume of the beans. I like to use roughly equal amounts of broccoli, onion, and shredded carrot.

Vegan Propaganda

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Just sharing two images I made. I know very little about graphic design, but it's definitely a skill I want to learn. If you like them, feel free to click to open them in a lightbox and download. It's propaganda, so spread it! You may recognize the cow from our header on the homepage. I met her while visiting family in Oklahoma. It was sad to see her and her companions trapped behind fences right next to a gas station, with tags on their ears, but it was a beautiful experience to get so close. They all gathered around the calves to protect them from the strangers.

Veganism and Hedonia

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Those Vegan Hedonists is the forum I created to discuss all aspects of veganism, animal rights, spirituality, skepticism, and philosophy.

Hedonism is the philosophical stance that pleasure or happiness is the only intrinsic good. I'd suggest that this idea is the reason many of us became vegan, and the basis of much of the animal rights movement. I contend that ethical hedonism requires veganism. But this blog isn't intended just for vegans. It's a place for everyone to respectfully discuss all manner of ideas and issues.


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