Mothers Day 2013

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I decided to wake my mom up to brunch. Two trips to the store later, I was busy making a tofu quiche using The Post Punk Kitchen's recipe. Since she's not huge on broccoli I substituted asparagus and a ton of fresh spinach. I had hoped to try out kala namak - Indian black salt - for the first time, but alas, no Indian groceries were open that early on a Sunday. Kala namak is a sulfurous salt that I've heard makes vegan dishes taste eggy. Instead I added asafoetida liberally. Asafoetida is so sulfurous that ceremonial magicians have been burning it for centuries to torture and banish demons. Not kidding.

Oh yeah, I also added tons of extra garlic to the recipe, and omitted the tomatoes. It turned out really well. The asafoetida left a very interesting aftertaste. I'd use it again, but really want to try out the kala namak. Bear in mind the original recipe doesn't call for kala namak, but I was going to replace the salt with it. I advise anyone to go try out the recipe. I had to cook it a bit longer than called for to get it to firm up, as ovens vary.

Not knowing how well it might turn out, I made sure to make a ton of other options. Pancakes, hashed browns, Gimme Lean vegan sausage, sliced apples, toast, and a chocolate pudding cup. She didn't have room for the pudding. Silly, that's why you eat dessert first!

What did you do for Mothers Day?