Reblog: The Ethics of Second-Best Choices

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Reblogging my article The Ethics of Second-Best Choices from the Pagan Activist blog. I am constantly hearing people say they can't afford so-called humane meat, so until they can afford it they buy factory farmed. I wrote this article to say that if they can't get their Plan A (which is a whole discussion unto itself), their Plan B should be veganism.

The Pagan Activist blog exists because it’s such a deeply imperfect world. Acknowledging that is one of the first steps toward creating justice. People with a Candide attitude that we’re living in the most perfect world possible aren’t doing anything to make the world a better place.

But all too often the world’s imperfection, and more so its imperfectability, is used as an excuse to do whatever we want. To not even try. And it’s used to try to talk activists into giving up, to stop trying to raise awareness.