Reblog: Pagans and Plants

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Here’s my most recent article, Pagans and Plants, at the Pagan Activist blog. It’s a Pagan contribution to the new logical fallacy, Ad Plantarum, that Kimberly coined.

One of the first things I did as a new Pagan was roam the hills and woods near my home looking for flower faeries. I felt, at the time, like I had seen a few, as well as the faery of the tree in my back yard. When I did my self initiation as a solitary eclectic Wiccan (I don’t call myself Wiccan anymore) I used fronds from a local willow tree to form a circlet to wear. Weeping willow is still sacred to me to this day. I’m typing this with a willow frond in henna on my arm, and “willow” remains part of my magickal name.